Borough of West Pittston, Pennsylvania
~ The Garden Village ~
Incorporated 1857
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Parking On Tree Lawns
Section 1 - Definitions
“Tree Lawn" - the untraveled portion of streets lying between the road and sidewalk which abuts on any such property.

Section 2 - Regulations for parking of Vehicles
1. The parking of any vehicles, including but not limited to recreational vehicles, trailers and recreational vehicles is strictly prohibited on any tree lawn.

Section 3 - Violation and penalty
Any person, firm or corporation who shall violate any provision of this Part, upon conviction thereof in an action brought before a magisterial district judge in the manner provided for the enforcement of summary offenses under the Pennsylvania Rules of criminal Procedure, shall be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than $1,000.00 plus costs and, in default of payment of said fines and costs, to a term of imprisonment not to exceed 90 days. Each day that a violation of this Part continues or each Section of this Part which shall be found to have been violated shall constitute a separate offense.

Dog Ordinance
The borough has advertised and adopted a new ordinance dealing with the prohibitions and consequences for homeowners leaving pets outside for 30 minutes or more when the temperature is below 26F or above 92 F. The ordinance will be enforced by the Luzerne County Society for the Prevention for Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) at no additional cost to West Pittston. It would go into effect on March 1, 2017.

The ordinance makes it: “unlawful for any person to leave any dog outside and unattended during any period in which a severe weather warning has been issued for Luzene County by the National Weather Service. It is unlawful for any person to leave any dog outside or unattended for a continuous period of time greater than thirty (30) minutes if the temperature during such period remains either entirely:
 i. below twenty-six (26) degrees Fahrenheit; or ii. Above ninety-two (92) degrees Fahrenheit. "

"Outside" means the dog is subject to the weather and elements, which expressly includes, but is not be limited to, a dog in a securely fenced-in yard, a dog in a kennel, or a dog tethered. The dog is considered "outside" regardless of access to an outdoor doghouse or similar structure. "Unattended’ means any dog left outside either when the owner is inside the house or building, or the owner has left the house or building. 

Anyone found guilty of violating the ordinance by a District Magistrate can be fined up to $500 in addition to court costs and enforcement and shelter costs in the event a dog must be confiscated. Each day of a violation will be a separate offense, which will also be subject to prosecution. The maximum allowable fine where separate offenses are alleged and prosecuted at the same time is $2,500. 
Forms & Applications

Building / Electrical Permit
Mechanical / Plumbing Permit
Contractor Registration
Dumpster Permit
Zoning Application
Pave Cut Permit
Solicitation Application

Applications may be submitted at the borough building or emailed to

​24-hour Limit for Trash Cans 
​At its regular monthly meeting on November 8, Borough Council adopted a new ordinance regulating the length of time garage cans and other trash bins can be left at the curb. Residents have a 24-hour window to put containers out for collection and retrieve them. In any case, the containers must be off the curb within 12 hours of collection.

Following is an abbreviated version of the ordinance. A complete copy of the ordinance is available in the Borough Office:

Containers or receptacles used for trash, refuse, rubbish or recyclables disposal shall be placed for collection on the resident’s property or the tree lawn, if any, adjacent to the resident’s property and not more than ten (10) feet from the side of the streets or alley from which collection is made. Containers shall be removed within twelve (12) hours after collection is made. No refuse, garbage, rubbish, recyclables and/or ashes may be placed for collection for longer than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled collection date.

West Pittston Borough or its agent or subcontractor for trash or recycling collection may discontinue or refuse collection services to any person, whether as principal, agent, or employee violating or assisting in violation of any provisions of this ordinance. Any person, whether as principal, agent or employee violating or assisting in violation of any provision of this ordinance shall, upon conviction thereof before a District Magistrate pay a fine of not less than twenty-five ($25) dollars and not more than three hundred ($300) dollars.
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